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geo plugin collecting data for sparql plugin



In the mashup help page for the SPARQL plugin, I describe a manual procedure to collect external data. It is a tedious task and probably too technical for many users. So it could better be automated. As the geo plugin already uses geonames, it could do the first step. I made a start with the next steps. Could you / do you want to build that into the geo plugin? Is the geo plugin aware whether the SPARL plugin is installed or not? Other  thoughts, objections?

Help page:

Attached is my interface so far. I have not decided yet about a proper package name. It will need more options to decide what is wanted and what is not wanted from dbpedia.

On second thoughts I think it is better to have an export for the list of places  in a csv file, or whatever commonly supported format you prefer. It keeps the code of both plugins separate and the export might sooner or later serve other purposes. For me I need only the values for all jurisdictions and the geoNameId or geoNameUri.


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