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Hello everyone,

I will also post this in the French forum and in the Dutch one. That way, it will have a broader reach.

Since yesterday, I've started working on the Almanac in Dutch, focusing on Dutch events.
In doing so, I'm also closely examining similar Almanacs in other genealogy programs.

And I noticed that in HTML or PDF output (not in a timeline within a program itself), links are also displayed.
So, for example, not only mentioning the birth of Napoleon or a battle or something similar, but also including a link where more information about that event can be found.
That seems very useful to me, but at the moment, it's not possible in Ancestris.
It seems like a very useful addition. This way, you save a lot of text in the almanac file itself, but people who want to know more about that event can easily look it up.
Just not in the timeline overview in Ancestris itself.

The links often go to Wikipedia, but other links are of course also possible.

But as mentioned, this should be accompanied by a setting parameter, allowing users to choose whether they want this feature in the output or not, and no links in Ancestris' timeline itself.

I thought I'd make a post about it since a "TITLE:" has also been added to the almanac recently.
If the almanac is already being worked on, this might be something to consider adding as well.
So, I'd like to ask if you could indicate whether you think this would be a valuable addition.

Best regards,

Not "TITL" but "TITLE:"

Actually the almanac is used only in the chronology view with tooltip style display.
I have used it in the new individual time line.

I'm not opposed to have links, but :
- Actually, we have no place to use it in Ancestris
- Links can change and give a 404 error.

If a team is ready to keep all the url up to date, why not.



--- Quote from: Zurga on March 30, 2024, 12:20:36 ---Not "TITL" but "TITLE:"
--- End quote ---
ok changed it in all posts.

About url's giving 404:
How often would that happen when wiki links are used?

Is there a possibility that Ancestris might give errors on non existing links?
I guess when the links only appear in a pdf or doc or such, Ancestris has no problem with it.
Am I right?

Links should be possible then INSIDE a sentence a bit like this:

Birth of <a href=" pagexxxx" onclick="'_blank'">Napoleon Bonaparte</a>

That way when presented, only the words "Napoleon Bonaparte" appear linkable.
Now this is a short example, but the total sentence could be way longer, while only a short part of it should be linkable.
It is the responsability of the Almanac creator to insert correct links.

Or do you have other ideas?



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