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Various fixes and enhancements
« on: March 16, 2024, 09:17:15 »
v12 - File menu : Add "Open Recent" file list
v12 - QuickSearch : Add nickname in search criteria, add Gedcom name in results when several gedcom files are opened
v12 - Bookmarks : Action button switch from add to delete following the context, add context action to go to bookmark manager
v12 - Media Manager : Force remote file check regardless of preferences with action button
v12 - Treeview : Add drop down button to rebuild the tree from the DeCujus
v12 - WebBook : default some fields from the genealogy content (title, author, etc.)
v12 - Place editor : Fix cases when saved columns places doesn't match with current list of juridictions
v12 - Cygnus : default name of EVEN in table to the TYPE, not the Description
v12 - German translation update (thanks Klaus)
v12 - Danish translation update (thanks Bernth)