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My residence Data has disappeared

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Hi, please help.

I opened up Ancestris last evening and the residence data has disappeared for every entry.  I am very distraught.  I opened recent and old backups and they are also blank.  Very wierd.

Please assist if possible.


Paul L.

Could you be more specific ?
Which version of Ancestris do you use ?
Which editor do you use ?
What are "residence data" ? You mean tag RESI ?
What is displayed in the GEDCOM editor ?



Thanks for quick reply.  I have attached a screenshot of version and the editor I enter all my information in.

The first attachment shows all the versions.
The second attachment shows an example person.  The red lined Residence used to show addresses in the yellow highlighted bar.  They are all now blank.
  If I reenter an address it stays.  Strangely, the drop down remains blank.

I will enter another reply with GEDCOM editor information.

The GEDCOM editor does show the data there.

Please see attachment 3

So the information is still there in your data (you see them in the GEDCOM Editor).
I will check why it is not displayed in the Cygnus editor.

Could you indicate the version of Ancestris you use ?



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