Author Topic: Call for people changing/creating models/templates for the GedArt reports  (Read 4738 times)

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Hello Everyone!

This is a call for all those people using Ancestris, who tried to change or create there own models/templates for the GedArt reports.

I've been busy for some time now, to translate the user-guide into the Dutch language.
Doing the above mentioned page I wondered if there were any "homemade" templates for this reports somewhere in your position.

If you ever looked at creating your own, I would very much like to know if you succeeded.
And more important, if you did not succeed, what were the problems you encountered.

Maybe I could add some more info in that page, to make it easier for you to create/modify one.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas.
I would very much appreciate that.

Tineke (Mother10)
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