Author Topic: [solved] Some wishes for Ancestris  (Read 441 times)

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[solved] Some wishes for Ancestris
« on: November 14, 2022, 10:04:31 »
Here are some wishes for Ancestris:

Documents: When you create a validation report it opens in the Documents tab. It has clickable entities, which is very handy.
You can save it. But why can't you reload it? You can look in the one you saved, but it is not clickable anymore.
And that is a very handy feature.
Same for an import report.

When you import a Gedcom you can get a report of everything found.
In the top of the report is a list of what your gedcom contains. How many sources, persons, families etc.
Is it possible to add that to the top of the validation report also?
And/or maybe that information can go into its own report?
So you have one report telling you everything about your pedigree:
Things you fill in when you create a new one, certain settings about it, your preferences, Ancestris version.......
etc, etc.
Then you can see in one view what is present and what might be missing.

In the places list, after a gedcom import, I get many bleu locations.
The docs say I can edit them and tell Ancestris the coordinates are ok, so they turn black.
But as far as I could see I will have to do that one by one.
Is there no option to turn only the blue ones into black in one go?

Is it possible to have an options screen for gedcom import. Where you can say for instance how you want your placenames from the gedcom be imported in corresponding jurisdictions in Ancestris?

Ancestris has a lot of lists/tables, like entities, places and more.
Is it possible to get the number of entities, places, sources etc, in the top of that list somewhere?

From the main menu there is a File/Close action. It closes the selected gedcom.
But you have to be aware what gedcom is selected.
When there is more than one gedcom open, could that close action give a list of open gedcoms to choose from?
When you select one of those names, THAT gedcom is closed.

Thats it for sofar. :)


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Re: Some wishes for Ancestris
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2023, 20:43:22 »
Wish #6 granted.

Wish #3: you have to go 1 by 1 because black means you have controlled them. If we turn them black for you, this is not the purpose of the colors.

Wish #4: places are fixed using File/Place modification, after import.

Wish #5: in the Gedcom explorer.

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[solved] Re: Some wishes for Ancestris
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2023, 21:00:22 »
Great, thanks for the work.
Some things I know now, but did not know then.

Happy user here!