Author Topic: How to correctly add many witnesses to a wedding (in an Aldfaer imported Gedcom)  (Read 5678 times)

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First: I read and reread the docs, but all I could find was an example of how to add a witness to a blessing in the Kennedy example.
No example of a wedding with witnesses.

I have a gedcom that is imported from Aldfaer.
Inside is a person that has 9 witnesses to its first wedding. I want to add the deed as a source to the witnesses because they are shown on it.

After the conversion I can see the witnesses in the Gedcom editor when I doubleclick on the corresponding FAMS record of that wedding.
(added a picture of that)

When I go to 1 of those witnesses in the Aries editor I see (other picture):

Eventtype is: MARR@
But when I try to add a new association, there is no marriage in the list I can choose from. (used the english Ancestris to be sure it was no translation error)
The MARR@ in the picture got there from the conversion, it was not added by hand.
It seems to work for a blessing as shown in the kennedy example. Blessing is in the list you can choose from.

Also, when I try to edit the excisting line (the one with MARR@ from the picture) it does not open the editor window, so I cannot add a source for example to this witness.

So what is the correct way to do this.
I understood that Gedcom in fact has no way to correctly add witnesses, so maybe this is not possible?
But then why is it there for a blessing in the Kennedy exmple.

Maybe the answer could be added to the docs, others might have questions about this too.

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In few words : You can't create a witness at wedding with Aries.

Use Cygnus or GEDCOM editor to do it.