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The sentences, words, used by Ancestris are gathered into simple text files, which respect a localized naming schema. Their names are "". (xx is the ISO 639-1 code for the country languages, eg. "no" for norwegian, "it" for italian, "fr" for french, etc...)
The one to use as a reference is of course, the english one whose name is just "".

The bundles files use the UTF-8 character encoding, so it's important if you edit one of them using a simple text editor to always save it as UTF-8.

This is an example of a file:

--- Quote ---LBL_ContentLoading=Content is loading...
LBL_ErrLoadingFeed=Error while loading content
LBL_ErrCannotConnect=Cannot connect to internet.
LBL_ProxyConfig=&Proxy Configuration...
LBL_LearnAndDiscoverTab=Learn & Discover
LBL_WhatsNewTab=What's New

--- End quote ---
As you can see, you have a variable name, eg. "LBL_ContentLoading", the sign "=", and right after, the sentence the program will use as "Content is loading..."
All you have to do is to translate those words/sentences.

If you don't like text editor and prefer an easier way to translate you can use our tool whose name is  Trancestris (Windows, Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, MacOs versions are available).


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