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How to report a Bug
« on: August 06, 2012, 21:52:24 »
If you want to report a bug in that forum, please follow the process described below. It's important for the developers to get the more information you can give, to help them to find out what's wrong.
Copy/paste the following text or click to Reply. Thank you. Francois


Give us a summary of the bug :

Which Operating System? : Windows, Linux, Mac

Which version of the O.S.? : examples: Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu 10.04, Linux Fedora 10

Which version of Ancestris? : 0.7, 0.8beta, xxxx

What is your Java version? : JDK Sun, JDK from OpenJDK, java 1.7.05, etc.....

What are the windows opened on your Ancestris application? : examples: the Treeview, the Ancestris editor, the Table view

This bug is related to the application itself or a plugin? :

If it's about a plugin, which plugin? :

If you use the beta version, do you update Ancestris each time a new version is available? :

This bug appeared right after an update (you didn't get it before, and right now, you have it) :

Which version of the module is concerned (check the "Help - About" dialog box) : example, Ancestris Core:; for a module, example: Geo:

What is the process that makes the bug to appear (the more details  you can give, the better it is) :

Backtrace in the log file : example, in your log file, you can have a line which begins with java.lang.NullPointerException. It's an example of course.

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