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Please donate for 2021 / 2022
« on: July 14, 2021, 15:14:14 »
Dear Users,

Ancestris is a free open source software that nevertheless comes at a cost for its team of volunteers.

The servers where you find the site, the software, the documentation, the forum and the discussion list represent a cost of 380 € for the next 2 years, after optimization and including backups. The OVH fire caused us an additional one-off cost of €144 which will be half transformed into credit, but this solution still seems to us to be one of the most optimized for Ancestris.

Added to this are the representation costs such as the genealogy week of the French Federation of Genealogy which starts again this year. This costs 232 € for this year including our contribution to the Federation. The more Ancestris will be known, the more it will benefit from recognition and the more it will gain in performance for you.

Ancestris has always been transparent and we need you to finance these €750 in costs.

Within the team, we have started to donate to Ancestris. We also ask you to participate in your software to the extent of your possibilities by making a donation on the HelloAsso platform by clicking on the link below:

Thanks to this donation, you become an actor in your genealogy software. Do not wait for others to take your role, participate in Ancestris so that it remains of high quality in good conditions.

We are counting on you.

With all our thanks in advance.

The Ancestris team
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