Author Topic: Cut-Off in PDF Format - All-In-One / Multigenerational Tree  (Read 4837 times)

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I am up to 16 Generations with a whole lot of siblings in each generation.  In Screen/SVG format, a full tree is displayed nicely.  When generating a PDF format tree, I find several generations at the bottom of the tree and boxes at the right edge cut off ... in mid box.  The same limits are displayed in print.

Is there a limit to just how much you can put in a PDF?


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Re: Cut-Off in PDF Format - All-In-One / Multigenerational Tree
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2021, 17:27:39 »
It shouldn't have limit, but the conversion tool used to produce pdf should have limitations or bugs.
I will check if I can find a solution.

If SVG is good for you, you can look at some SVG applications like Inkscape to make the conversion to pdf or other format.