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Erik Runge:
One more question.
More and more I'm using the GED com edtitor, and learning the tags.
I like to see the result of my entries, in a report, hence I have created and saved locally a WebBook.

To that I have (for now) two questions:
*For me I have entered my SSN, and marked it confidential (in the attached example the full SSN is not the correct), but the full SSN is still published in the WebBook. I have tried the different options under 'Hide private data', but I can't find the option to only have the tags marked confidential, not published. How do I do that?
* In the GED com I have several RESI, with DATE and PLAC, but only the DATE is published in the WebBook. How do I get also the PLAC published? Do I use a wrong tag?

In the attached PDF document I have pasted:
* relevant part of the GED com file
* the relevant part of the resulting book


Hi Erik,

You are right in using SSN for private infiormation. In the preferences, private data, you would have to set the "SSN" tag instead of "_PRIV" as the one describing private information. By default Ancestris sets it to _PRIV (to indicate you can choose yours, but we will probabaly change it as the Gedcom norm has defined SSN already). I tell you that from memory and hope this is enough.

Regarding RESI, not sure, because the webbook is using the ADDR tag if it exists, otherwise defaults to the PLAC tag... I have just tried with PLAC and it works for me here. How did you store your location for RESI please ?


Erik Runge:
Hi Frederic,
Thanks for your reply.
Regarding the confidentiality of the SSN, I used the Areis editor to set the confidentality, which then in the GEDcom editor comes out as 'RESN confidential'.
I'll try using the "_PRIV" tag instead.

Regarding RESI, which in the WebBook comes out with only the DATE and not the PLAC tag. That is, as many of the other tags in my GEDcom file, from the export from LEGACY and import to Ancestris.
Is the PLAC tag not a sub-tag to e.g. RESI or ADDR?



Regarding _PRIV, that's not what I meant sorry. You should rather set "RESN" as the private tag if you use Ariès (we will correct this later). Go to preferences, Data, Privacy and change the private tag name to RESN.

Regarding RESI, the webbook does take ADDR into account (CITY and CTRY). What is you RESI structure ? (no need to change your data nor the import).


Med hensyn til _PRIV er det ikke det, jeg mente undskyld. Du skal hellere indstille "RESN" som det private tag, hvis du bruger Ariès (vi retter det senere). Gå til præferencer, data, fortrolighed og skift navnet på det private tag til RESN.

Med hensyn til RESI tager webbogen ADDR i betragtning (CITY og CTRY). Hvad er din RESI-struktur? (ingen grund til at ændre dine data eller importen).


Erik Runge:
Hi Frederic,
Thanks for your guidance and suggestions :-)

In the attached is an example of the RESI structure exported from Legacy and imported to Ancestris.
Which all comes out in the WebBook with date (also to and from), notes and sources, but no place.



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