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(Dutch) Translation issues
« on: July 31, 2020, 13:02:30 »

Where is the correct place to file translations issues?

I stumbled over one trying to figure out the best way to transfer names from a Haza-21 GEDCOM output.

In the Dutch version in the Aries editor there is a field "Roepnaam". This is encoded as a NICK record. "Roepnaam" is not the correct translation for "Nickname".

It should be "Bijnaam".

It confused me for a while as I had the impression that Ancestris supports the non-standard concept of "call name", "Ruffname", "roepnaam", but it doesn't, which is OK.

Using a NICK record for call names would not be correct, that should be used for nick names only.

I'm happy with using the NAME:TYPE "Also know as" for call names.

I just wanted to point out the confusing translation.

best regards


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ReĀ : (Dutch) Translation issues
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2020, 16:06:51 »
This is a good place to mention this type of error.

By the way, I'm totally unable to decide if one or other fit better for this type of information.
The official (GEDCOM) definition for this field is :
A descriptive or familiar name used in connection with one's proper name.

I hope that our Dutch translator, Harry, will give his point of view on this topic.

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