Author Topic: Repairing gedcom file in text editor to import into Ancestris  (Read 5347 times)

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Hi Ancestrians,
new person to the forum here with trouble getting a gedcom file to convert and load. Ancestris cannot convert my gedcom file from ‘Find My Past’ because it stops when it finds an ‘entity with already used ID’. I have opened the file in a text editor and found the line it has stopped at and sure enough when I search the file there are two times where that same ID is used. But what can I do to repair that? If the ID is 516 for example, I can’t just change it to 517 or 518 because they will already be used. If I pick some random other number will it fail to cross reference with things elsewhere that can no longer find it?
Is it really possible to fix your own file in a text editor? How else can I get Ancestris to open it? Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Repairing gedcom file in text editor to import into Ancestris
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2020, 20:56:15 »
I'm afraid there is no options than changing the ID.
You can put an arbitrary value in it.
For example, if id 516 cause trouble, you can put 516516 instead.
You have to change all values of links accordingly.

Another solution is to check if "Find my past" can export a better GEDCOM file.