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ENGLISH / [Solved] Adding many Dutch Repositories in one go.
« on: November 20, 2022, 14:29:40 »
From the docs I see you can add a repository when you are editing a source.

I would very much like to have a way of adding repositories completely separate from sources.
So I can fill the (yet not existing) list of Dutch repositories.
There seems to be lists in Ancestris for French and English ones, but no Dutch ones.

Maybe I missed this feature in the docs, then please let me know where I can find it.

So far it seems nobody has ever missed this feature.
Or maybe nobody ever wanted to mention it.

Could this be made possible?
And when there is such a list for Dutch repositories, how could we share it for other Dutch Ancestris users to use?

I found lists of Dutch repositories on the internet, but I am not able to type them in, only in a very cumbersome way.


ENGLISH / [solved] Some wishes for Ancestris
« on: November 14, 2022, 10:04:31 »
Here are some wishes for Ancestris:

Documents: When you create a validation report it opens in the Documents tab. It has clickable entities, which is very handy.
You can save it. But why can't you reload it? You can look in the one you saved, but it is not clickable anymore.
And that is a very handy feature.
Same for an import report.

When you import a Gedcom you can get a report of everything found.
In the top of the report is a list of what your gedcom contains. How many sources, persons, families etc.
Is it possible to add that to the top of the validation report also?
And/or maybe that information can go into its own report?
So you have one report telling you everything about your pedigree:
Things you fill in when you create a new one, certain settings about it, your preferences, Ancestris version.......
etc, etc.
Then you can see in one view what is present and what might be missing.

In the places list, after a gedcom import, I get many bleu locations.
The docs say I can edit them and tell Ancestris the coordinates are ok, so they turn black.
But as far as I could see I will have to do that one by one.
Is there no option to turn only the blue ones into black in one go?

Is it possible to have an options screen for gedcom import. Where you can say for instance how you want your placenames from the gedcom be imported in corresponding jurisdictions in Ancestris?

Ancestris has a lot of lists/tables, like entities, places and more.
Is it possible to get the number of entities, places, sources etc, in the top of that list somewhere?

From the main menu there is a File/Close action. It closes the selected gedcom.
But you have to be aware what gedcom is selected.
When there is more than one gedcom open, could that close action give a list of open gedcoms to choose from?
When you select one of those names, THAT gedcom is closed.

Thats it for sofar. :)



« on: November 12, 2022, 15:29:25 »
What I often do if I want very old information back, I try the Wayback machine.
It does not always help, but maybe you can at least get back something?

Official link:

That gets you to a page where you fill in the url of the page you are looking for.
If you type: you get to a screen with a calendar.

Click on the most recent date that site or page was saved.
I tried dated: aug 20 2021, that got me to:

Have to login there.
the green circles are redirects. If those dont work, try the blue circles.

If you know on what pages (url's) your information was, you might be able to go directly to thoose.

Give it a try, maybe you are lucky.


ENGLISH / Re: importing Gedcom from the Dutch program Aldfaer
« on: November 12, 2022, 11:05:14 »
Message to those who might read this thread:

I am very happy with the Aldfaer import in the new Ancestris version 12.
But there is a warning:

Make sure when you export your Gedcom from Alfaer, you have it export ALL tags.
So go to: "Extra/Instellingen/GEDCOM Export" and put a mark before: "Aldfaer-uitbreidingen die buiten de GEDCOM-standaard vallen".

Make sure you save the import report you get in Ancestris.
After importing create a Gedcom Validation report and have that output EACH AND EVERY line ("Volledige lijst").

You might get a lot of warnings, but Ancestris has tools to get rid of those.

One of those tools is: "Edit/Delete" ("Bewerken/Verwijderen").
This is in fact a plugin, with which you can remove a tag througout the whole gedcom.
When you scroll down the "label lijst" from that plugin, you see a lot of tags that start with an underscore.
Most of them are Aldfaer tags, like "_INQUBIRT, _INQURELA, _INQUCHIL, _INQUDEAT, but also _COLOR".
They come from the Aldfaer tab: "Diversen/Uitzoeken en Presentatie".
Meant to help you with your research in creating a list of TODO's.

But Ancestris V12 has a report for that: "Tools/List and Reports" ("Gereedschap/Lijsten en Rapporten").
On that screen, goto: "Research/Search status of events by individual" ("Onderzoek/Zoekstatus van gebeurtenissen per persoon")
That gives you a list of all persons, with columns denoting what info is present or missing, from this person.
That means the _INQXXX tags are not realy necessary and can be deleted with that: "Edit/Delete" plugin.
That will remove a lot of warnings when you do another validation.

There will also be a lot of _NEW tags in the warnings. They contain the original date from Aldfaer, on which that person was added to the tree.
There is no official GEDCOM tag for that, and Ancestris uses almost only official Gedcom tags.
So if you think that date is not really necessary too, you could also remove it.
Ancestris uses the official CHAN tag for the date of last change of an entity.

So dont let that long list of warnings from the validation report frighten you.
Ancestris can help in getting things right.

For me it pointed out some real errors in my pedigree, that Aldfaer had not mentioned.

Hope this helps someone,


First: I read and reread the docs, but all I could find was an example of how to add a witness to a blessing in the Kennedy example.
No example of a wedding with witnesses.

I have a gedcom that is imported from Aldfaer.
Inside is a person that has 9 witnesses to its first wedding. I want to add the deed as a source to the witnesses because they are shown on it.

After the conversion I can see the witnesses in the Gedcom editor when I doubleclick on the corresponding FAMS record of that wedding.
(added a picture of that)

When I go to 1 of those witnesses in the Aries editor I see (other picture):

Eventtype is: MARR@
But when I try to add a new association, there is no marriage in the list I can choose from. (used the english Ancestris to be sure it was no translation error)
The MARR@ in the picture got there from the conversion, it was not added by hand.
It seems to work for a blessing as shown in the kennedy example. Blessing is in the list you can choose from.

Also, when I try to edit the excisting line (the one with MARR@ from the picture) it does not open the editor window, so I cannot add a source for example to this witness.

So what is the correct way to do this.
I understood that Gedcom in fact has no way to correctly add witnesses, so maybe this is not possible?
But then why is it there for a blessing in the Kennedy exmple.

Maybe the answer could be added to the docs, others might have questions about this too.


ENGLISH / Re: Information about new Ancestris versions.
« on: November 04, 2022, 17:39:38 »
Thanks very much.

I can understand, volunteers have more to do ofcourse. :)
I will have a look there.



ENGLISH / Re: importing Gedcom from the Dutch program Aldfaer
« on: November 04, 2022, 17:17:28 »
Thats OK, where do I send it too?

ENGLISH / Re: Twins in Ancestris
« on: November 04, 2022, 17:16:29 »

ENGLISH / Information about new Ancestris versions.
« on: November 04, 2022, 15:25:40 »
So far I am using Ancestris version 11 (as a new user, coming from the program Aldfaer)

I could use Version 12, but I was searching for information about that new version, before installing it.
Could it be installed NEXT TO my current version?
So I can either use version 11 or use version 12.

So far I could not find anything about what Ancestris is adding to version 12 or what is already added, or anything about what other things are in the pipeline for newer versions.
It seems that there is no place like for instance Github or so, that shows what is done and what is to come.

Is there any place to get that information, or are there plans to have such information online some day?

Thanks so far for a great program!!!!

ENGLISH / importing Gedcom from the Dutch program Aldfaer
« on: November 04, 2022, 15:18:51 »
I finally decided for a new genealogy program, which is going to be Ancestris.
That has much of what I was looking for.
Have to learn a new way of editing, so there might be some questions I will ask in this forum.

I started by imported my Aldfaer gedcom into Ancestris. Which gave me lots of errors en problems because it is not in the Ancestris import-list.
Will it be in the near future?
Aldfaer is a very wellknown program in the Netherlands.
So far I do not see many Ancestris users in my country, so maybe thats why Aldfaer is not in the list yet.

What I noticed so far is that i have to export the Aldfaer gedcom with Non-standard Gedcom tags disabled.

Furthermore it seems Aldfaer has non-standard ways for its date-format. Ancestris gives lots of errors for some of Aldfaers date formats.
Had to correct many of those in Aldfaer itself, to prevent the errors. (Did that in Aldfaer, because I am not yet so familiar with Ancestris)

So my question is:

Will Ancestris have a specific way of importing Aldfaer Gedcoms in the future?

ENGLISH / Twins in Ancestris
« on: November 04, 2022, 14:23:30 »
When you have your Gedcom validated, messages you can get are: "Possible twins".

I looked in the docs, but cannot find if Ancestris has a special way of assigning a label "twins" to the children that ARE indeed twins.
Is there such a "label"?

If there is not, then why does ancestris gives that message in the validate report.

Ok thanks, I'll do that.

Thanks for your answer.
But I did not mean they died onboard.
They lived on a ship in stead of in a house in a city.
When they live in a city I can put the city as their home.

But how do you declare a "moving" home, a ship in this case, as their living place.
What I get now are places marked in red, because they dont have the correect mapping degrees.

Dutch: "woonde a/b ms xxx"
Lived onboard the motorship xxx

I have several persons who lived onboard a ship.
But i cannot enter a place for a ship because its moving. There are no fixed coordinates.
So how do I do that.

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