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ENGLISH / Re: Bug report: entering names in Cygnus editor
« on: January 15, 2022, 19:28:59 »
Aha, yes.  That fixed it.  Sorry, did try searching but didn't find anything that matched.

Thanks for your prompt help!

ENGLISH / Bug report: entering names in Cygnus editor
« on: January 15, 2022, 18:22:38 »

Give us a summary of the bug :

Which Operating System? : Windows

Which version of the O.S.? : examples: W10 21H1

Which version of Ancestris? : 11.0.10897

What is your Java version? : Oracle JRE 1.8.0_311-b11

What are the windows opened on your Ancestris application? : Dynamic Treeview, cygnus editor, aries editor, gedcom editor

This bug is related to the application itself or a plugin? : application

If it's about a plugin, which plugin? : N/A

If you use the beta version, do you update Ancestris each time a new version is available? : N/A

This bug appeared right after an update (you didn't get it before, and right now, you have it) : unknown, new install

Which version of the module is concerned (check the "Help - About" dialog box) : Cygnus 11.0.10883

What is the process that makes the bug to appear (the more details  you can give, the better it is) :
In the Cygnus editor, if I try to enter a name (firstname or lastname) for a new individual (or edit the name of an existing) then it is not possible to type a name.  As soon as I press a key, if that character exists in any existing name, it wipes out the text in the input field and replaces with just that character and presents a popup of any names with that character.  If it's a character not present in any existing name then it allows it to be typed. 

This works fine in the Aries editor.

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