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ENGLISH / Text Wrap in Tree View (for longish descriptions / notes)
« on: December 18, 2019, 09:15:26 »

I've recently started using Ancestris and so far, so good.  After watching a number of the tutorial videos, I have set up a custom blue print which is mostly doing what I want it to do.  Thing is, for some of the people (individuals) in my tree, there are interesting notes that I'd like to display.  Right now, I can get the note / description to display BUT the text does not wrap so if the description is longer than a few words, then the words are cut off in the tree view (although the actual note is not affected).

Is there a way to get this text to display so that it wraps?  there is space in the box and increasing the height of the box has no affect on this issue.  Increasing the width would work BUT I'd then have insanely wide boxes which is not what is wanted.

Any ideas?  I'm a web designer and am very comfortable with html so feel free to get as technical as necessary (although simple is, of course, better).

Thanks in advance


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