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ENGLISH / Re: Suggestions
« on: November 07, 2019, 14:59:31 »
I'm glad that you find this software not so bad, but with the list of suggestion, I wonder about the others you tried and how bad you find them.

I've had a look at all the ones I can find - they're all much worse.

Which look and feel do you use ?

Material design is usually a winner.

Please, explain how you work and what you want to enhance.

Just the general coherence throughout the app. The example in particular was form the GeoView. I now realise I can click on the name and get the record.

Please explain in which context you are.

Throughout the full app. As one example the 'Maximise' button is a grey square with a square inside it. Convention is usually green with arrows - with minimise beside it. Instead beside it with a down arrow is 'show document list'

I'm not sure to know of which buttons you want to drop.

Drop calculator, GEDCOM Explorer, WebBook buttons, move contents of 'Multimedia' into export. Remove all the buttons from the user pane (like skull for death, etc). Just means the user is hovering over each button to see what it does instead of being presented with a blank profile they can fill in hit (+) to add.

This is possible on small trees, impossible on big ones.

Nothings impossible ;)

The real question is : this features is really needed when sites like Geneanet exists ?

Yep Geneanet might not exist forever and even if it does most people won't want to pay for it forever.

I don't see how you want to proceed to get geneanet results.
Parsing HTML files ?
Export them to text ?
Crawl the pages ?
What is the confidence ratings you wrote about ?
I've never seen it in Geneanet.

Yep, crawl and amend/data/alert users of possible additions/fixes/etc

CTRL+A means select all. In which context do you want to use it ?

When trying to clear a search box. Easier typing ctrl+a+del than del+del+del+del+del+del+del+del+del+del+del+del

If your tool is able to display svg in html pages, there is no reason this will not work.
It worked, it was just ugly and unusable. I've made a simple js/html file which gives the user a zoom to see the individual things
Again, I'm not sure to understand this suggestion.
Please, explain what you want to do exactly in which window.

I'm not sure what the window is called because they're not named. The one with the tablular view of all records. If you want to select multiple - usually you can click one, then click another and it'll highlight all in between. When you do that in your app and then try and right-click, it deslects them all.

ENGLISH / Re: Suggestions
« on: November 07, 2019, 13:51:42 »
Some tidying I done

Just organised the categories a bit better, imported material design css. Changed the headers on the ancestors page too but don't want to play with it too much as it's all static and internal changes will be lost on regeneration.

ENGLISH / Re: ReĀ : Suggestions
« on: November 07, 2019, 13:16:28 »
Just a quick answer but I'm sure you will get answers from people in charge of Ancestris, but for information about contributing to the dev of Ancestris, check this website. L8r. Francois

Thanks - I just stumbled onto this myself

ENGLISH / Suggestions
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:37:02 »
      Hey all,

      I stumbled on this app the other day when attempting to make sense of all my granda's old genology research. It's the best tool I've found - but it seems to be about 10 years out of date. Especially on the design side.

      I appreciate it's a very powerful tool - but it's operation is clunky is many respects.

      • Editing records isn't intuitive - when you spot an incorrect record in one of the views - being able to click and update would simplify things massively
      • The importance of colours is lost - even colouring the minimise/maximise buttons would help as it's not clear what does what
      • Simplify! There's wayyy too many buttons. Why is there a calculator for instance? I would make title one of the top navs as 'Views' and split it into subcategories
      • Redistribute the graphs into a sub menu within 'Views' which generates them on one click based on the predefined base user - It took me a while to realise you click through on the text on the desired graph from List & Reports > Charts
      • Alt-selecting records doesn't work well - For instance when trying to update a common type in locations - you can get it with the arrow keys and then right clicking edit. But this screen takes ~10 seconds to come up
      • The WebBook is a great idea - but seems to be missing some of the things you'd most like other people to see (Graphs, trees)
      • The ability to view the full, unfiltered tree - would be hugely beneficial. Similar to how myHeritage and FamilyTreeDNA do (But even they do it bad and clunky.)
      • The ability to merge with results based on a confidence rating. Seems at the moment it needs to be done manually ?
      • Search doesn't work well, needs to be exact. It 'Bruce William' or 'Bruce,William' won't match for 'Bruce, William'
      • UserID pane : Button to generate a tree based on this user would be nice. Less space for the photo - get rid of that old scroll vector for file attachments, less space for general info/sources and more dedicated to what most entries will have. Name/DOB/Death/Location. Replace the 'Add spouse/sister/etc' buttons with a simple "Add" which gives a dropdown selection
      • No way to add second spouses or half-brothers/sisters?
        • Ctrl+A doesn't seem to work. Sometime I use commonly to clear a search field. Instead you need to delete manually.

        For the community this BBS is also pretty clunky to use. Mattermost can be deployed within a couple of minutes which allows for faster collaboration in a nice clean UI.

        For the all_in_one.svg - generating this for the WebBook and utilising something like would work ?

        Is the source code available anywhere? I'd be happy to contribute to the development.

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