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My name is Yoan BOUZIN, and I am young French graduate in Bioinformatics specializing in Phylogenetics and Phylogenomics.

Since my youngest age, I have started genealogy, I have always dreamed of observing on a map the migrations of my ancestors. First on the paper map, then on the computer drawings, but nothing could satisfy me. Whenever possible, it is possible to get the result I wanted.

I did with the knowledge I had learned from my university training decided to create myself this program first for my need for personal curiosity, and gradually I developed it to the point where it and now able to allow To view all outdated GEDCOM files on an ancestry or progeny. (And soon on a complete file any confused branch see multi family). This project is getting bigger and bigger. I therefore have it available via my website.

From social networks, people came to contact me personally and one talked about you. You are a team that shares free software and OpenSource. I wish to create a partnership with you and make sure that my program become part of yours, an add-on. Indeed Python programming and JAVA programming are very different, but I have little knowledge in JAVA, but can be that developers of your team could help me to convert into JAVA and integrated with your program? The libraries might be different to the data structures, but I'm sure there are equivalences.

I currently have a hard time compiling Python source code to EXE. Helping me to put it in JAVA could allow me to make it multi-platform.

Thank you for reading!



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