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Thank you, that does help, indeed. This is still a lot of work, but I can see a purpose and structure now; it eluded me before.

But I think I'd try something different first. Im not sure yet about jumping ships, I still learn and try Ancestris out. So I don't want to invest much time at this point before I make my decision. So I thought, for now, I'd process my gedcom files to remove the PLAC records altogether and import those modified files to check whether the tree comparison does what I expected. If it does, I'd know how to clean up the locations/places, thanks to your advice and the story you shared. So, thank you for that.

Thank you, but I don't see how that solves my problem. I'd still have to go through them and correct them individually, wouldn't I?

The problem is that MyHeritage has one uniform field for a place of any event, be it birth, death, marriage, or anything else, and there's no validation of that place there - you can be very specific and put the exact address, or just a name of a country. When Ancestris imports this data, it assumes it's homogenic, i.e. puts everything as a country. That means most of it would be perceived as incorrect, as is in my case. I'm trying to figure out a way to compare two genealogies having this problem without having to manually correct hundreds of locations. I understand that using this table I can correct given place for all events that refer to it at once, but that does not change the fact that I'd still have to correct them all, one by one, does it?

I've just learned about Ancestris, and it looks like a much more user-centered alternative to MyHeritage. However, I've already amassed over 500 entries in my family tree in MyHeritage. Similarly, my brother-in-law did much in MyHeritage, too. I've exported both his and mine trees with GEDCOM files and imported them as two genealogies into Ancestris. I was hoping to compare both lineages in Ancestris, but it seems it would be unavailable unless I clear up all the locations for events in both trees. There are many of them to get straight and correct (hundreds) - and only some of the places imported from MyHeritage are mapped correctly; most end up pointing to someplace on the ocean with longitude and latitude out of nowhere, and the automatic Internet searching option does not straighten it up.
Is there a way to prepare the GEDCOM file - specifically the PLAC records - before importing it into Ancestris so this is not a problem? Or maybe an option exists to turn off considering locations when performing tree comparisons? I searched this forum for answers and the documentation as well, to no avail.

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