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ENGLISH / Re: Data lost?
« on: August 01, 2014, 22:45:31 »
Thank you for your quick response!

I know what folder the .ged files are in, and the "backups" are there. But each of the backups were timestamped earlier than the final version, and when I checked, none of them had all my data. I'm curious, would Ancestris just keep making backup after backup after backup forever, until or unless I noticed them and cleaned out the folder?

I've literally gone through every view option I can find in the app, and it only has the first six people who I entered.

I'm using Ancestris v.7. It sounds like I need to start over, and maybe export my data to some other format daily until I'm comfortable that it won't happen again.

ENGLISH / Data lost?
« on: July 30, 2014, 15:17:14 »
After trying and failing to get several other apps to work on my Vista (I know, but I'm not here to defend my OS :) ) computer, I was excited to find Ancestris and thought it was a great solution. I entered a few people, saved all my work, made a backup, shut it down and restarted it, and everything seemed fine. So I spent the next few hours entering information, and even saved a backup copy of the .ged file before I turned everything off for the night.

This morning I open the app to find only the first few items I entered are still there, and the specially-named backup file is gone, not even in the recycle bin. I can't find all the other data anywhere. No one else has access to this computer, and the .ged file is Windows timestamped at the correct time that I stopped working.

Please, someone tell me this is a DEU (defective end user) issue? And that it's recoverable? I was entering info as I was scanning old photos and doing research on who/when/where they were, so I'm now starting over from scratch if the info wasn't saved somewhere by Ancestris.

Thanks in advance for any ideas -


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