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ENGLISH / Add property not in the list - but should be
« on: July 01, 2023, 23:17:06 »
Great program, long learning curve...

So I want to add a "field" or "tag" or "property" to an individual just like the ones included in the program (adop, chra, alia, etc....). I'm not well versed in GEDCOM standards, but you would think that some kind of tracking of MEDICAL information would really, really, be useful. But I see no entry method for such data. Some online searching comes up with "MDCL" as a "property" that can be used for medical information - but not natively in Ancestris.
Yes, I can see the "non-standard" way to add a "property" - using the "_" character, so "_MDCL" is possible to be added. Of course the information then added is going to be somewhat disorganized without standardized sub-catergories within the _MDCL tag (date, condition, results, etc.).
So is there a GEDCOM standard for this that is just not implemented into Ancestris? I hate to start entering data into fields which could be stripped away later, or when import/exporting to other programs.
Future release inclusion?

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