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ENGLISH / Uploading Site to Internet
« on: December 10, 2021, 16:14:05 »
New member here, testing out program for large organization.
We are trying to test out Ancestris, in order to see how it would look on one of our websites.

Instead of uploading it directly via FTP or a cPanel, we tried to upload the "webbook" via the instructions, in order to test it out, however they did not give much instruction on the following section.

"Program to launch after generation: name of a executable program to launch at the end of the WebBook creation. If the first character is '0' then this option is ignored. "

Since we currently utilize over a dozen CMS and other types of web programs on our servers and various websites, we were not sure exactly what type of "executable program" you had in mind. Would this be strictly a genealogy program, a html index page, a php script, a link inside a cms program, etc.

Could anyone give is a bit of a hint.
Thank You

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