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DANSK / Solved - WebBook
« on: June 20, 2021, 08:09:18 »
One more question.
More and more I'm using the GED com edtitor, and learning the tags.
I like to see the result of my entries, in a report, hence I have created and saved locally a WebBook.

To that I have (for now) two questions:
*For me I have entered my SSN, and marked it confidential (in the attached example the full SSN is not the correct), but the full SSN is still published in the WebBook. I have tried the different options under 'Hide private data', but I can't find the option to only have the tags marked confidential, not published. How do I do that?
* In the GED com I have several RESI, with DATE and PLAC, but only the DATE is published in the WebBook. How do I get also the PLAC published? Do I use a wrong tag?

In the attached PDF document I have pasted:
* relevant part of the GED com file
* the relevant part of the resulting book


Using the Aries editor, I see three places for entering notes and sources (Please see attached screen dump).
Have been reading the documentation, but can't figure out when what is used and for what?

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