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ENGLISH / Ancestris Behavior When Attaching Sources? Confused
« on: February 02, 2021, 19:30:11 »

New user here. Thank you for such a fantastic program.

I am having a bit of difficulty attaching sources, and am wondering if I'm "doing it wrong."

I have created a repository, according to the directions in the Ancestris Help Guide.  To populate the repository, I've attached sources that I'd already created.

Now, if I want to use those sources again for another individual, or again on the same do I do this?  What I have been doing is clicking on the "Add a Source" button (plus sign), and then searching for the source in the pop-up box, and choosing it.  However, this seems cumbersome. The window only shows 2 or 3 sources at most (because of the media image), so I find myself typing long strings into the search filter box. With many sources, it's a lot to scroll through 2 or 3 at a time.  I can see this problem growing as time moves on.

So.. questions:

1 - is there an easier way to add sources?
2 - Also: how does one attach additional sources? For example, I may have a birth certificate as well as a marriage certificate, both of which verify date of birth. How do I attach both?

And this is the strange behavior I'm observing.  (This behavior did not begin until I created a repository and added the source I'm attaching.)

a - I create a new person in the genealogy, example, a daughter, using the Cygnus editor. The entity table is showing individuals.
b - I click the 'Add a Source Button' - the pop up window appears. I search for a source which happens to be inside a repository
c - I select the source. the pop up window closes. I'm returned to the individual Cygnus window.
d - Click OK.

Once "OK" is clicked, the Cygnus window for the individual disappears and is replaced by a Cygnus window for the Source Entity.  (Attached)

3 - What do I do with this window?  I can close it. But then I have to go back to the Individuals in the Entity Table and re-select my ancestor to get back to where I started before attaching the source.  Is this the correct behavior?

Regrettably:  This behavior is now happening whenever I enter any source, whether it's inside a repository or not.

Editing Sources

I've learned that I need to use the GEDCOM editor if I need to edit a source.

4 - What is the difference between the "TITL" and "TEXT" tags?  Should both be populated? Are they used differently in different reports (thereby making it important to complete both fields?)

5 - Regarding repositories:  How are they used by Ancestris, other than by adding an additional container for data? 

Thank you very much for your help!


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