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ENGLISH / Suggestions
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:37:02 »
      Hey all,

      I stumbled on this app the other day when attempting to make sense of all my granda's old genology research. It's the best tool I've found - but it seems to be about 10 years out of date. Especially on the design side.

      I appreciate it's a very powerful tool - but it's operation is clunky is many respects.

      • Editing records isn't intuitive - when you spot an incorrect record in one of the views - being able to click and update would simplify things massively
      • The importance of colours is lost - even colouring the minimise/maximise buttons would help as it's not clear what does what
      • Simplify! There's wayyy too many buttons. Why is there a calculator for instance? I would make title one of the top navs as 'Views' and split it into subcategories
      • Redistribute the graphs into a sub menu within 'Views' which generates them on one click based on the predefined base user - It took me a while to realise you click through on the text on the desired graph from List & Reports > Charts
      • Alt-selecting records doesn't work well - For instance when trying to update a common type in locations - you can get it with the arrow keys and then right clicking edit. But this screen takes ~10 seconds to come up
      • The WebBook is a great idea - but seems to be missing some of the things you'd most like other people to see (Graphs, trees)
      • The ability to view the full, unfiltered tree - would be hugely beneficial. Similar to how myHeritage and FamilyTreeDNA do (But even they do it bad and clunky.)
      • The ability to merge with results based on a confidence rating. Seems at the moment it needs to be done manually ?
      • Search doesn't work well, needs to be exact. It 'Bruce William' or 'Bruce,William' won't match for 'Bruce, William'
      • UserID pane : Button to generate a tree based on this user would be nice. Less space for the photo - get rid of that old scroll vector for file attachments, less space for general info/sources and more dedicated to what most entries will have. Name/DOB/Death/Location. Replace the 'Add spouse/sister/etc' buttons with a simple "Add" which gives a dropdown selection
      • No way to add second spouses or half-brothers/sisters?
        • Ctrl+A doesn't seem to work. Sometime I use commonly to clear a search field. Instead you need to delete manually.

        For the community this BBS is also pretty clunky to use. Mattermost can be deployed within a couple of minutes which allows for faster collaboration in a nice clean UI.

        For the all_in_one.svg - generating this for the WebBook and utilising something like would work ?

        Is the source code available anywhere? I'd be happy to contribute to the development.

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