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ENGLISH / Errors on loading and reloading
« on: November 13, 2018, 16:08:32 »
I'm changing Genealogy programs because RootsMagic intentionally adds error to large GEDCOM Files exported. Incestris ignores them and places them in notes, which is great.


When I first imported my GEDCOM File, it notified me of three errors. One in the header and two with marriages. I'm not interested in the header, right now.

The marriage problems were with the same two people listed as married twice The only problem I see is a second marriage was added with the Husband/Wife relationship has been reversed. The male listed as Husband in the original, but listed as Wife in the second. This did not exist in the original GEDCOM File and I have not made any changes to any marriages in Incestris.


On starting the program the next day, it told me there was the same marriage problem with another couple. And the third time I started the program, it was with three couples.

All three are the same problem, but two did not exist before. One marriage between Husband and Wife, becomes two and the second has the Husband/Wife relationship, reversed.

Short of deleting the second marriages, I see no way to fix the marriages, but I don't know if that will solve the real problem.

Any solutions?

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