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I've just learned about Ancestris, and it looks like a much more user-centered alternative to MyHeritage. However, I've already amassed over 500 entries in my family tree in MyHeritage. Similarly, my brother-in-law did much in MyHeritage, too. I've exported both his and mine trees with GEDCOM files and imported them as two genealogies into Ancestris. I was hoping to compare both lineages in Ancestris, but it seems it would be unavailable unless I clear up all the locations for events in both trees. There are many of them to get straight and correct (hundreds) - and only some of the places imported from MyHeritage are mapped correctly; most end up pointing to someplace on the ocean with longitude and latitude out of nowhere, and the automatic Internet searching option does not straighten it up.
Is there a way to prepare the GEDCOM file - specifically the PLAC records - before importing it into Ancestris so this is not a problem? Or maybe an option exists to turn off considering locations when performing tree comparisons? I searched this forum for answers and the documentation as well, to no avail.

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