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FRANÇAIS / Re: Partage d'arbre samedi 4 mars 2023
« on: March 01, 2023, 16:21:58 »
Hello Zurga,

You are right, but people might noy think of it or too late.

So thats why I mentioned it.

Kind Regards,

FRANÇAIS / Re: Partage d'arbre samedi 4 mars 2023
« on: March 01, 2023, 15:31:49 »

Sorry to ask, but why is this message only in the French forum?
So far I myself have no French ancestors, but others might have.

And it would also be a way to test if, and how, things work.

Maybe these kind of messages could be in the News Forum?
That would only require to create the message once.
And people might have set notification marks for the News Forum, so thay would be notified automatically.
Just a thought. :)  :)

Kind Regards,

ENGLISH / [solved] Re: Some wishes for Ancestris
« on: February 18, 2023, 21:00:22 »
Great, thanks for the work.
Some things I know now, but did not know then.

Happy user here!

ENGLISH / [Solved] Re: Adding many Dutch Repositories in one go.
« on: February 15, 2023, 18:40:12 »
For the Dutch readers:

Ancestris version 12 now has a list of 262 Dutch repositories.
Make sure you have updated Version 12!

You can get to them from the menu "File / Open Repositories Reference" ("Bestand / Archieven referenties openen")
You can view them by opening the Entities table (Entiteiten tabel).

ENGLISH / Re: Problem loading GEDCOM file
« on: January 08, 2023, 16:29:44 »
Hallo Jan, Dutch here too.

Coming from Aldfaer. Lots of errors at first also. But when you look closely it might be _xxxTAGs. So tags from Legacy itself, non standard Gedcom tags. They start with underscore.
It is what Zurga said. if there are patterns, they are more then willing to adapt the import for Legacy.

In the near future there will be a complete dutch guide too (only partly now), working on that. Hopefully more about importing and conversion also.

Getting your Gedcom to convert is sometimes troublesome, because lots of programs seem to use their own "Tags", not complying to the Gedcom standard.

But Zurga does a great job in getting the most out of it, so stay tuned!
There is a lot in the pipeline.
What version are you using?


« on: December 29, 2022, 18:09:00 »
The data won't be available, you need to connect to see them, and the wayback machine can't connect to a site.


Did not know that, thanks for mentioning.

« on: December 29, 2022, 18:06:54 »
After some searching I found this link:

It says:

From a user called: RandyTinklemuffin

posted: 1 yr. ago
For what it’s worth, Genoom is based in Barcelona, Spain. The CEO/Co-founder is Miguel Fresneda. I don’t know if there is a way to contact him (and get an actual response), but he has a LinkedIn profile.
That linkedin still excists.

« on: December 29, 2022, 17:52:46 »
On the Ancestris forum I posted a link to the wayback machine.
There you can still find (old) pages.
Did you try that?

« on: December 29, 2022, 17:45:54 »
I meant here:

On the Ancestris forum.

« on: December 29, 2022, 12:57:17 »
Have you looked in the English board?
There is a Genoom discussion there too.

ENGLISH / Re: Data protection and Ancestris reviews
« on: November 21, 2022, 12:18:30 »
Here an answer from a user that only uses Ancestris for a couple of months.

The first time I stumbled on Ancestris, I started looking for reviews because I never heard of this program. And there were a few that said the same as what you mention.
But those reviews were very very old, from the time Ancestris started.
I agree there should be more tutorials for newbees, and I already offered my help. So stay tuned help is on its way.
But it wil take some time.

The more I use Ancestris the more enthousiastic I become. It has way more features then I ever thought when I first read the docs.
I use version 12 because they made a new gedcom import for Aldfaer that I was using, especially because I asked for it.

They are very willing to help in case you have any problems.

So forget what you were told. That might be said because unfortunately Ancestris is not very well known in a lot of countries, and has not yet the appreciation it deserves.

And indeed, when you search for Ancestris, you get a lot of results for Ancestry which is a totally different thing, where you DO have to pay for.


ENGLISH / Re: Adding many Dutch Repositories in one go.
« on: November 21, 2022, 08:49:26 »
Thanks, I will ask if needed.
But sofar I have the feeling copy past will do the trick.
Thats because I have to copy address and other info from different webpages, and I have the feeling it is quicker if I do that right into a Gedcom tetxtfile in notepad, then it is first pasting it in an excel and have it out of that as a second step.

I guess it takes more time looking op each repo's info than it takes copy pasting.
(the original page is gone so I have to either use the wayback machine or look each one up separately.)

Let you know how things go.

ENGLISH / Re : Adding many Dutch Repositories in one go.
« on: November 21, 2022, 08:16:34 »

I will give it a go. The page that contained the addresses is no longer excisting, so I have to look the info up one by one.
Maybe use the Wayback machine as I said in the genoom post.

I will let you know when the list is finished.


ENGLISH / [Solved] Adding many Dutch Repositories in one go.
« on: November 20, 2022, 14:29:40 »
From the docs I see you can add a repository when you are editing a source.

I would very much like to have a way of adding repositories completely separate from sources.
So I can fill the (yet not existing) list of Dutch repositories.
There seems to be lists in Ancestris for French and English ones, but no Dutch ones.

Maybe I missed this feature in the docs, then please let me know where I can find it.

So far it seems nobody has ever missed this feature.
Or maybe nobody ever wanted to mention it.

Could this be made possible?
And when there is such a list for Dutch repositories, how could we share it for other Dutch Ancestris users to use?

I found lists of Dutch repositories on the internet, but I am not able to type them in, only in a very cumbersome way.


ENGLISH / [solved] Some wishes for Ancestris
« on: November 14, 2022, 10:04:31 »
Here are some wishes for Ancestris:

Documents: When you create a validation report it opens in the Documents tab. It has clickable entities, which is very handy.
You can save it. But why can't you reload it? You can look in the one you saved, but it is not clickable anymore.
And that is a very handy feature.
Same for an import report.

When you import a Gedcom you can get a report of everything found.
In the top of the report is a list of what your gedcom contains. How many sources, persons, families etc.
Is it possible to add that to the top of the validation report also?
And/or maybe that information can go into its own report?
So you have one report telling you everything about your pedigree:
Things you fill in when you create a new one, certain settings about it, your preferences, Ancestris version.......
etc, etc.
Then you can see in one view what is present and what might be missing.

In the places list, after a gedcom import, I get many bleu locations.
The docs say I can edit them and tell Ancestris the coordinates are ok, so they turn black.
But as far as I could see I will have to do that one by one.
Is there no option to turn only the blue ones into black in one go?

Is it possible to have an options screen for gedcom import. Where you can say for instance how you want your placenames from the gedcom be imported in corresponding jurisdictions in Ancestris?

Ancestris has a lot of lists/tables, like entities, places and more.
Is it possible to get the number of entities, places, sources etc, in the top of that list somewhere?

From the main menu there is a File/Close action. It closes the selected gedcom.
But you have to be aware what gedcom is selected.
When there is more than one gedcom open, could that close action give a list of open gedcoms to choose from?
When you select one of those names, THAT gedcom is closed.

Thats it for sofar. :)



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