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I'm trying to 'save as' a GEDCOM file filtered by entities, including only those with the tag _SOSADABOVILLE.

When I execute the save, I see no indication that it has begun or failed, no progress indication and see only the time-stamped progress file and the chosen filename file, with the former being 3 bytes and the latter as 0 bytes.

I'm working with an enormous GEDCOM (1,090,582 individuals), and have left it running overnight more than once, without any indication that anything is happening.

Am I missing something? It seems like I should see at the very least some indication of failure or progress.

When I do a Save As Identical Copy, I see the normal progress indicator as the file is saved.

I've allocated 10 Gb to Ancestris, and performance is generally snappy, and the memory usage remains a couple of Gb or so below the allocation throughout.

My environment:

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