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ENGLISH / Registers records in block and places in block
« on: November 08, 2020, 20:40:27 »
I am using ancestris 11 from around one month.  I imported my .ged file form .paf with around 8000 individuals. All is ok, except the format of places.
I have 2 problems
1. In my genealogy I did not included the place in most of the individual born in 1500-1800 (I know that depending of the family name they were from a given town)
There is a way to edit in block (for example: family name XXX, invidual with N < 1800 = YYYY)

2 I have a lot of registers-records (around 40000 records of N or D or M of 8 town period around 1650 - 1875). In my genealogy I am using around 3500 of these records.
The records are in excel  files copied from some of the 5000  photos of registers (each photo with 2 pages and between 15-40 records).

My question:
It is possible to elaborate a file for each town to import some of the records.
I would like to know if it is possible and the format of the file.
I have among others in the excel files the following data
- ID
- link to the register (number of the photo and number of the individual in the page)
- type of activities (N, D, M)
-date (day, month, year in different column or together)
- name
- first name
- in some cases church of baptime
- age (in case of marriage)
- in case of marriage name and first name of wife-husband
- name of father
- first name of father
- place if not a citizen of the town
-name of mother
-first name of mother
- in some cases place of mother (if not of the town)
- in case of marriage the last 6 descriptors also for the wife-husband
- for births after 1837 name and  first name of grandfather
- etc.
- comments

From my excel files I can generate files of the type used in "registers records" (.csv or .txt)

thanks for your answer

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