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Title: Document Reports
Post by: Pollux on May 08, 2022, 09:16:02
The Ancestris Welcome page shows me Latest Updates.
Document Reports (as a link)
v11/v12 - Adapt Documents reports to match Java evolution
When I click this (and all previous) links, I end up in the Ancestris forums.
There the 'heading' (topic) is defined as a link to itself without further explanation.
It would make sense for me to learn more!
Greetings Pollux
Title: ReĀ : Document Reports
Post by: Zurga on May 08, 2022, 10:40:17
I didn't want to enter in technical details.
But, if you want the details, here they are.

In the last version of patch update of Java (8.0.333, 11.0.15, 17.0.3), Oracle has added new parameters in XML processing, mechanism that we use in several reports with XSLT transformations.
Theses parameters have default values for backwards compatibility.
But one of these parameter (jdk.xml.xpathExprOpLimit) is set to a default value far below the use of Ancestris.
This limit has provoked execution error on several reports (including the GEDCOM validation and compliance tools which use the same mechanism to display the results and use a 189 depth of XPath).
So I have adjusted the code to set the limit to 300 when use new versions of Java.


Title: Re: Document Reports
Post by: Pollux on May 09, 2022, 05:39:32
Thanks for your reply Zurga!
I wish, for myself and others, that clicking on 'the' link would lead to such a (short but understandable) answer - in the Ancestris forums.