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Title: Ancestris report
Post by: SBK on April 06, 2021, 20:50:07
I have installed version 10 for windows, and loaded a Gedcom file.
I do have a challenge with the reports.
1. The menu is not  the same as the one shown in the user documentation ( List & Reports )
2. When i run a descendant report I get a lot of numbers, is that due to missing data in my Gedcom file?
3. Running the reports that produce Postscript output - I get nothing

best regards
Søren BAy Kastrup
Title: Re: Ancestris report
Post by: Zurga on April 06, 2021, 22:26:13
Thank you to try Ancestris.

1. The documentation is actually up to date with the version 11.

2. The descendant report has been corrected in version 11. In version 10, when a date is missing, the name disappears.

3. You should get a ps file or get an error in the status bar (right corner with no entry sign).