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Title: Genealogy search
Post by: arvernes on January 03, 2017, 17:16:55
Ancestris v. 0.9 comes with a new plugin : Genealogy Search.

With this plugin, you can find new individuals for your genealogy for common individuals with other Ancestris members without sending your genealogy to the Internet.
Your genealogy is not transferred to a server or to anybody.
You are in control of what Ancestris is doing.
You can start and stop the search, at any time, on one or several trees.
You can limit your search and search of the others to non confidential information.
Your computer will ask other ancestris users to identify common indivuals with yours.
If found, you will be presented a summary of these common individuals.
As no data are sent, you can email the corresponding authors if you want further details and find new individuals for your research.
You will be able to see which Ancestris users are searching themselves for genealogical information.