Author Topic: Child relation to it's parents / patchwork-family - how-to?  (Read 92 times)

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Child relation to it's parents / patchwork-family - how-to?
« on: September 03, 2020, 17:03:07 »

first of all - i am new to Ancestris and - i have to admit - to the whole family-research thing. I would like to know, if it's possible in Ancestris to change the relationship of a child to it's parents for example if one parent adopted the child, but it's the biological child of the other parent of the same family. I didn't find a way to do this in Ancestris, besides adding the "adoption" as a fact, but this does not change the relation.

I am almost sure, that i could do this directly in the GEDCOM file, as it's also mentioned in the GEDCOM reference available at - however: i do not really know, how and what i would have to change, to do it correct - especially for this "patchwork-family" case.

And: would Ancestris still load the modified GEDCOM file and take care of the changed things, that means: does not overwrite/remove the relation and or - ideally - could display this information?

Sorry, if this all sounds a little bit confusing, i probably also do not know the right terms for this all - so far. :-)


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Re: Child relation to it's parents / patchwork-family - how-to?
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2020, 18:52:40 »
Thank for trying Ancestris. We hope this software will answer yours needs.

The situation that you describe needs 2 things :
- 2 families
- 2 types of relations.

First of all, there is 2 families :
- the one between the two adults
- the one with the mother and the child.
Create a new union for the mother with the biological father (or unknown people if you want).

Now there is two types of relationship :
- The one for the biological son : link the child with his mother on the family with biological father.
- The one for the adopted son : go to Gedcom editor (you can't do that with Cygnus and only the half with Aries), Add the child to the other family, add the Pedigré tag.

Now it's done.

Ancestris will load the current file, if you save your modifications, you will have the modified file.