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ENGLISH / Re: 'Ghost' entries
« Last post by FredericL on Yesterday at 19:29:41 »

Thanks for your message.

If you are talking about the empty grey box after the person has been deleted, it is not actually a person. It is just a placeholder. Nothing exists in your file. So you already got rid of them.

If you want to delete both parents, you can delete the family box in the same way, if not information is useful in the family entity.

Best regards,
ENGLISH / 'Ghost' entries
« Last post by mde on Yesterday at 09:33:07 »
I added parents for a person in a pedigree. Then I realised that I had made a mistake and the record I found could not be for this person. So I 'deleted' the two parents. The problem is only the names disappeared and boxes remain empty on my family tree. What do I need to do to get rid of them?

ENGLISH / Re: Fan chart
« Last post by mde on Yesterday at 09:29:05 »
Thanks. It is strange. I am sure I updated to 10 but now I open Ancestris it is still 9.
ENGLISH / Re : Fan chart
« Last post by FredericL on October 20, 2018, 14:19:42 »

Thank you for your message.

This bug has been fixed in version 0.10. If it's ok for you to install it. This is a vesion which is highly stable now.

ENGLISH / Fan chart
« Last post by mde on October 19, 2018, 12:22:59 »
I am trying to output a family tree as a fan chart. I choose this option and when I press save the only format available is 'html'. That can't be right. Anyway, I save. What I find saved is actually in png format! And in any case it doesn't open and gives an error message ...

Can anyone explain what is happening and how to export a fan chart report?
ENGLISH / Re: Most important small change you can make to Ancestris
« Last post by mde on October 19, 2018, 08:53:39 »
I am just using Ancestris "off the shelf". I know nothing about programming and am too old to start. I am suggesting something that the developers shoudl consider incorporating in the basic build next time it is updated. It is an issue that concerns so many people.
ENGLISH / Re : Most important small change you can make to Ancestris
« Last post by Zurga on October 19, 2018, 06:18:29 »

If you download the nighty build, you will find a little new functionality that can fit your request.
I have added a new tag in the renderer blueprint of the graphic tree.
You can put in place of "prop" the tag "ifvalue".
This tag takes 2 dedicated attributes :
- "path" to describe the property you want to display
- "default" to describe the property that you want display if the "path" property is not defined.
Everything else that worked with "prop" tag, will work with "ifvalue".

The default rendering is modified accordingly to display "CHR" value if "BIRT" value is not defined and "BURI" value if "DEAT" value is not defined. (If no value is defined, the display is exactly the same than before).

You can take this template as example to create your specific display.

By the way, Frédéric enrolled me in the developing crew.


ENGLISH / Re : Most important small change you can make to Ancestris
« Last post by oops66 on October 18, 2018, 16:39:14 »
Usually in France it is possible to start around 16xx (baptisms: 1545-to-1792) and the baptisms are usually done at(near) the birthday date, so I do the opposite way, I first add the birthday date (since1792-1933 in France) and after the baptisms date (usually the same date).
So I always have the birthday date filled.
But it is maybe a good suggestion to add an option: "if the birthday date does not exist then copy baptisms date to the birthday date tag".
Is it what you want ?

Edit: You can also modify the template to see the tag BAPM:DATE, and /or some others customized Tag:
Code: [Select]
<table width="100%" border="1">
 <tr valign=top>
   <font color="blue"><b><prop path=INDI></b></font> [ <prop path=INDI:SEX img=yes txt=no>]
   <b><prop path=INDI:NAME></b>
   <name tag=BIRT></u>&nbsp;:&nbsp;<b><prop path=INDI:BIRT:DATE img=no></b>&nbsp;

<prop path=INDI:BAPM:DATE>
<prop path=INDI:BAPM:PLAC>

   &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<prop path=INDI:BIRT:PLAC max=70>
   <name tag=DEAT>&nbsp;:&nbsp;<b><prop path=INDI:DEAT:DATE img=no></b>&nbsp;
   &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<prop path=INDI:DEAT:PLAC max=70>
   <name tag=ADDR>&nbsp;:&nbsp;<b><prop path=INDI:RESI:ADDR:CITY img=no><prop path=INDI:RESI:PLAC max=70 img=no></b>
   <name tag=OCCU>&nbsp;:&nbsp;<b><prop path=INDI:OCCU img=no></b>
  <td valign=top align=right>
   <media max=20>
ENGLISH / Most important small change you can make to Ancestris
« Last post by mde on October 18, 2018, 14:52:37 »

At the end of the summer I sent out the first family tree I made with Ancestris to family members. They were all very interested to see it but every single person asked: "why are there no dates on the earliest generations? Do you know nothing about them?". And I had to explain I had their baptisms and sometimes their burials but that the computer program I am using can only show births and deaths.

It seems most of the developers of Ancestris are French and maybe you have civil records back to 1789 but in Ireland and England the civil records start in the mid-nineteenth century and parish registers are the most important source. The situation I describe is one I think ANY user from an English language speaking country will be in. So if you can change you code a little - if no birth then substitute baptism etc - this will make Ancestris much more functional.

Thank you,

FRANÇAIS / Re : Fusion 2 gedcom
« Last post by FredericL on October 16, 2018, 19:04:11 »
Bonjour Claude,

Je vais étudier. Pourriez-vous m'envoyer votre gedcom en privé ou m'indiquer la manip que vous faite pendant la fusion des 2 individus concernés svp?

La fusion dans Ancestris marche de la façon suivante : les 2 entités sont affichées cote à cote. Si vous cochez les cases, les éléments des 2 entités peuvent se retrouver dans le résultat. Normalement Ancestris vous empêche de cocher des éléments qui doivent être unique. Sauf si je me suis trompé... Est-ce que c'est ce qui se passe ?

Bien à vous,
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