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« on: June 29, 2019, 04:16:37 »
Grande. :-)
Você deve exportar e criar um arquivo xxx.ged, não importar. É no Ancestris que você importa seu arquivo xxx.ged. Francois

« on: June 28, 2019, 11:57:53 »
Você precisa importar um arquivo com a extensão xxx.ged
Você faz "Arquivos" - "Importar"
Então "O arquivo vem do MyHeritage" e para "arquivo para importar" escolha o seu arquivo xxxx.ged
Isso deve funcionar sem problemas. O Ancestris administra genealogias de dezenas de milhares de pessoas sem problemas. Desculpe pela tradução para o português, mas é o Google

DANSK / Re: Fejl når jeg vil gemme
« on: June 23, 2019, 18:27:20 »
Jeg bruger windows 10 i en ny installation.
Hvor finder jeg log-filen?
Se på det skærmbillede, jeg lavede.
Jeg tror, at dit problem er et rettighedersproblem i filen. Jeg kender ikke Windows, fordi jeg bruger Linux. Nogen med Windows kan give dig bedre råd.
Har ikke haft problemer tidligere, på en ældre pc.
OK, Mvh. Francois

DANSK / Re : Fejl nÃ¥r jeg vil gemme
« on: June 23, 2019, 11:14:30 »
Får fejl når jeg vil gemme eller afslutte.
hvad er dit operativsystem? Linux, Windows, Mac? Har du haft dette problem før? Ville dette være et problem med rettigheder i mappen?
Med venlig hilsen. Francois

ENGLISH / Re: GEDCOM Specification
« on: April 26, 2018, 04:42:10 »
Just for information, I think the best way is to select the gedcom 5.5.1 (for now) , by this way you can add (for example) some www tag (and it is useful). For me Char UTF-8 is also better, and for places, I use all zones, even if I do not use, right now, the Paroisse one's.
Yes, but as Gordon want to exchange his data, he has to be sure his data will match the ones of his relatives. So the best choice imho is to go to gedcom 5.5. That way those "new" tags as www, email, etc.. can be treated as personal tags as "_WWW" and they have better chances not to be lost when other people will import his gedcom. Just my two cents ;-)

ENGLISH / Re: GEDCOM Specification
« on: April 25, 2018, 20:17:04 »
Hello Gordon,
Hello Francois,  Yes and no to your reply  If I am working separately from any other person, then it does not matter which version of gedcom I am using. But, if I want to exchange data files with other people - for example,  I have a cousin in London also researching the family, then we should both be using the same specification.
First you should tell your cousin to use Ancestris. That way you would be sure there won't be any data lost. Second, if  he is using another genealogy program, he will loose some of your data. Ancestris is one of the two genealogy programs (the second was GenJ) which is totally compliant with the gedcom specs (5.5 and 5.5.1) and which respect  those specs 100%.
In reading the Ancestris Help, I see references about Ancestris using the gedcom specification - but which one?  The Wiki tells me that 5.5
although old is still the standard.  Gedcom X and version 6.0 have been suggested but not yet approved.  Where does 5.5.1  live?  Is it the
approved standard for Ancestris, or are we using 5.5 as the reference standard.  Personally, I have no preference but, as you know, I am looking at Ancestris Help files and consider that they should state which gedcom version is correct at present.
As I said, both are correct, but I would suggest to choose gedcom 5.5. I myself have my genealogy with gedcom 5.5 standard, but I guess that, at least in France, many people use the 5.5.1 standard. Best regards. Francois

ENGLISH / Re: GEDCOM Specification
« on: April 25, 2018, 06:55:28 »
Hello Gordon,

Have been reading the development history of gedcom. Am a bit confused! Ancestris complies with the gedcom specification - but which one? Gedcom 5.5 is about 20 years old, with 5.5.1 more recent,  possibly used by some although I read that it has not been approved.
Both ;-)

Which version  does Ancestris consider as the standard?
Use the one you want. I suppose you run Ancestris v. 0.10, so open your genealogy, then from the main menu : File - Properties, then "next", "next", to go on step 3 "Data encoding". Once there, you have an option "Possibility to enter email addresses, and/or etc...." ( ) yes / ( ) no. If you choose "no", you will have gedcom specs 5.5, if you choose "yes", you will have gedcom specs 5.5.1.
Hope that helps. Francois

ENGLISH / java installed but Ancestris doesn't work
« on: April 25, 2018, 03:34:53 »
If you have java well installed, but Ancestris doesn't work, check your java version. If you run java 1.9 Ancestris will not run, you need java So uninstall java 1.9 and install java 1.8. Of course Ancestris will run with 1.9, but today (april 2018), it doesn't. Francois

ENGLISH / Re: Suggestion - Improve English Translation
« on: April 24, 2018, 05:51:00 »
... so I would be grateful for some bundled files containing  Ancestris Help material.  These could be emailed to me or if they are available from a source such as GitHub, could download them directly.
I sent them to you a few minutes ago. It's a 3.6 mega file, I hope it will go through.

PS This is proving to be a long conversation, the 12 hour time difference does not help!
Oh yes, when it's 5pm for you in New Zealand, it's only 7am for us ;-), Francois

ENGLISH / Re: Suggestion - Improve English Translation
« on: April 23, 2018, 07:07:52 »
To me a newbie,this has has been an interesting discussion. Yesterday I ventured into the Help pages, to find that the majority were in French.
We speak here about the internal help of Ancestris, the one accessible using the F1 key.
Yes, that's right, but even the part in french is partly obsolete (if we consider Ancestris v. 0.10 as many improvements have been made since v. 0.9).
The skeleton of the help structure is good, but the help itself should be totally revisited and rewrite.
So instead of writing the help, first in french, then translate it to english, it should be the opposite, the help files should be written in english first, then translated to the other languages. The main language is english, not french.
I can read these slowly (with the aid of a dictionary) but decided that as time permits I would translate them into English, using a two step procedure of Machine translation followed by Editing and correction.
See above. It's better to write the english help from scratch, then translate it to another language.
I have noted some syntax errors and a few spelling mistakes in the Help that is already in English and hope to correct this too - eventually.
It would help, yes.
Have not yet looked at your bundled files, nor discovered what is your preferred format.   I have recently been writing in Lyx and using Open Document for release, both are suitable for editing, ODT probably better in this case.
If I try to summarize how it works, I could say you have three different situations.
1) If you want to translate Ancestris to another language, except english, you have to use Trancestris. It's a fantastic tool, and actually all translators use Trancestris. The information of Trancestris are accessible on our Trac web site.
2) If you want to fix the english properties files, you can't use Trancestris, but a simple editor like Notepad, or Gedit or Jedit (which works for Windows, Linux and MacOs). So if you want to fix the english files (the properties files), it's better to ask me to send them to you one by one. In each file, you have special parameters which must be kept to allow translation to the other languages. This is an example :
OptionsExport/blueprints=Blueprint: {0}
OptionsExport/preferences/gedcoms=Genealogy parameters
OptionDisplayPanel.jCheckBox1.toolTipText=<html> If this option is checked, when you start Ancestris, it allows you to OR will re-open the windows that were open during the previous<br> Ancestris session. </html>
OptionDisplayPanel.jCheckBox1.text=Remember opened windows

3) If you want to create or translate (from english to another language) the internal help files, you have to use a simple editor again, as those files are in html language (they are web pages). We have tried to use Open Office (or different html editors), but Oo added multiple codes which make the html pages too loaded, so when I wrote the french ones, I used Jedit (see above). To create the help files, it's better if I send the structure itself, so the files, the subdirectories, etc, that way it's easier, for the one who want to help, to understand how it works, and with the already existing files, it helps a lot.
However, firstly I have to become familiar with Ancentris.
Yes, absolutely. To be able to write help for a software we must be familiar with it first.
Thank you for your help Gordon. That's great. Francois

OK, mais il n'y a rien dans le fichier log. On voit que les enregistrements ne démarrent qu'à partir de midi aujourd'hui. Ancestris a t'il planté juste avant que vous m'ayez fait passer ce log? Je me dis que si c'est ancestris qui plante, il doit y avoir dans le log une ligne du genre "2018-04-22 12:22:00 = SEVERE". Si on ne voit rien dans le log, soit ça ne vient pas d'ancestris, soit ancestris n'a pas planté lorsque le log a été écrit, soit ancestris a planté avant même de pouvoir écrire dans le log, mais dans celui que vous m'avez fait passer, Ancestris se ferme correctement.
On voit dans le log que vous utilisez java donc ça baigne.

Donc nouvel essai : vous ouvrez Ancestris, vous allez dans "Outils - Preferences" onglet "Fichiers", là vous mettez la taille du log à 3200, et niveau de log à FINE. Ensuite vous fermez Ancestris. Vous effacez le log qui doit exister. Ensuite vous relancer Ancestris, vous faites la manip qui fait planter. Vous sortez d'ancestris, et vous m'envoyez le log à "". ne le postez pas ici, ce sera trop gros et ne présente aucun intérêt pour les autres lecteurs du forum. Merci. Francois

Oui, j'ai bien compris mais ça ne fait pas avancer le smillblick. Pouvez vous faire ce que je vous mettais dans ma précédente réponse. Francois

Normalement, si l'application se bloque vous devriez avoir un petit signe genre "sens interdit", en bas à droite de la fenêtre principale d'ancestris. Si vous cliquez dessus ça va ouvrir normalement une fenêtre qui va vous afficher un truc. Là vous cliquez pour avoir plus de détails et vous faites un copier/coller de ce que vous voyez ici.
Si ça ne marche pas, car Windows est complétement bloqué, vous trouvez le fichier log d'ancestris, et vous faites un copier/coller de la partie ou vous pouvez lire un truc du genre "SEVERE ......", et vous me l'envoyez à "". Si vous ne trouvez pas le fichier facilement, dans windows, faites rechercher un fichier et le fichier s'appelle donc "ancestris.log".

ENGLISH / Re: Multiple spouses
« on: April 22, 2018, 04:00:24 »
The problems were mainly from changes in the Gramps structure and coding. I did not have copies of the older Gramps programs and the current version could not open the data files.
If you know someone who has gedcom files created by Gramps, I would like to have such samples to improve the importation and fix process. That could help former gramps users who want to migrate to Ancestris and that way correct their data.
Am now considering the best way to deal with a child born out of wedlock and brought up by his grandparents as a member of their immediate family,
According to the gedcom specifications, you have two options by using the pedigree tag you can add to the family link of an individual.:
foster = indicates child was included in a foster or guardian family.
sealing = indicates child was sealed to parents other than birth parents.
Best regards, Francois

ENGLISH / Re: Multiple spouses
« on: April 21, 2018, 04:58:51 »
Greetings to all.  Am a very new user running Version .10 beta on MX-Linux.  Previously using Gramps and only a few problems (fixable) in transferring data to Ancentris.
It would be interesting to know which problems you encountered, and that way we could improve the Gramps importation code.
  One query is how to best display persons with multiple spouses.  For example:  A Victorian family where a husband has married again after the early death of his first wife.  The children of both relationships were brought up as a single family.
You should not see all children of both families, gathered. For example if a man has got two spouses, you should see for the first marriage the children the couple has got, and if you click on the "+" sign on the right, you should see the children of the second marriage. The fact the children were brought up as a single family is a way of life of that family. The gedcom specifications don't give a specific tag for such a thing. So you have 4 options imho : 1 - you do nothing, 2 - you add a note to both weddings, 3 - you create a relationship between children, 4 - you add a Note to the father (it would be my choice) to say something like "All children of the man were brought up as a single family, were brought up together.
  Been trying, without success as yet,  to show both wives on a single family tree - is this possible ?
It's possible with the Graphical tree report, but it's not dynamic. If you want to see both wives together in the dynamic tree view, it's not yet possible. It's a request and it could be added in the future ;-)
Hope that helps. Francois

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